Manatee Amazon Cruisse

  • Destination: Jungle
  • Duration: Manatee Amazon Cruisse
  • Price: 1815

The Manatee Amazon Explorer allows our guests to experience unparalleled adventures in total comfort. Journey with us down freshwater rivers, both whitewater and black water, and encounter different Amazonian ecosystems including the possibility to observe fascinating animals such as pink river dolphins, manatees, caimans, and piranhas, as well as hundreds of native bird and primate species.

Day 1
Our adventure begins in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. After a 30-minute flight from Quito to the Amazonian city of Coca, we will transfer to the dock and board our motorized canoe for a 90-minute journey down the river, taking in the beauty of the Amazon, until we reach the Manatee Amazon Explorer and receive our warm welcome aboard. On the Manatee, we will be joined by expert local naturalist guides, who will provide us with a brief, informative introduction to the Ecuadorian Amazon; and afterwards guests will have the opportunity to explore our cruise ship and admire the rainforest landscape as we glide down the Napo River. After a delicious dinner, we will take a nighttime forest walk to hear the sounds of the rainforest and observe the nocturnal wildlife.
Day 2
In the morning we will explore the lower part of the Napo River, where we will spot different bird species such as eagles, oropendolas and the celebrated woodpeckers. In the afternoon we will visit Yasuni National Park, one of the most biodiverse places on the planet and home to the legendary pink dolphin. This is the perfect opportunity to participate in our pink dolphin conservation program, which we are involved in together with the Martinica community in the Cocaya area, providing a safe haven where these dolphins can live and feed without the risk of being hunted. The Secoyas people, a minority ancestral culture, live near Yasuni and will show us how to prepare traditional cassava bread during our visit.
Day 3
Parrot Clay Licks & Amazonian Communities
WEDNESDAY: KICHWA FAMILY AND LIFE ONBOARD We will begin the day by visiting an authentic Kichwa family on the banks of the Napo River, where we will have the opportunity to learn directly from members of the local community about their lifestyle. We will then board the Manatee and participate in a cooking class with our expert chef, who will show us how to prepare exquisite traditional Ecuadorian fare. Guests are also invited to try their hand at traditional handicrafting or to take in the magnificent Amazon environment from our open-air hot tub, enjoy cocktails at our Bar and Lounge, or delight in some nighttime stargazing from our Observation Deck. Our more active guests will have the opportunity to explore nature in this area by kayak.
Day 4
We start the day by visiting an observation tower built in a giant millenary kapok tree, where guests can marvel at the impressive 360° view from the top overlooking the treetops of the forest canopy and contemplate the sheer vastness of the Amazon. In the afternoon, we will explore the primary forest and spot the different plant and wildlife species endemic to this ecosystem. We can also find the strange and unique bird known as the hoatzin, or as it's known locally, the "stinkbird".
Day 5
Disembark the Manatee Amazon
This is where our adventure ends! But first, we will enjoy our return to Puerto Providencia where we will disembark the Manatee Amazon Explorer and ride back to the city of Coca in the motorized canoe.
Included: Not Included:
  • Transfers to/from vessel when arriving on recommended flights to Coca
  • Personalized airport assistance in Quito and Coca (when booking recommended domestic flight with us)
  • Accommodation in double/twin/triple cabins
  • All meals while on board
  • Unlimited water, coffee and tea
  • All excursions as described in the itinerary
  • Bilingual Naturalist Guides (English and Spanish)
  • Use of VIP port lounge before and after cruise (when booking recommended domestic flight with us)
  • Excursion equipment: Kayaks, walking sticks, boots, ponchos, binoculars (+$10 surcharge) and LED Torch (+$10 surcharge)
  • Gratuities (recommended at $100 per person)
  • Cost of medical treatment, including evacuation
  • Souvenirs, spa treatments or additional services such as laundry
  • Soft drinks or alcoholic beverages
  • Community Contribution Fees ($70 per person) Fees ($80 per person)
  • Wi-Fi ($15 per person for the entire cruise duration. Due to the remote area, this feature will only be functional in certain zones, at certain times)
  • Optional Glamping Excursion ($450 per night, per person, available for groups of 2 - 8 people)
  • Anything not clearly listed as included
  • Domestic flights $250 per person (there is an additional
What to bring
  • Original Passport
  • Light Clothes
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Headlamp
  • Sunblock cream
  • Insect Repellent
  • Extra batteries.
  • Plastic bag
Manatee Amazon Cruisse Manatee Amazon Cruisse Manatee Amazon Cruisse Manatee Amazon Cruisse