Cuyabeno 3 days/ 2 nights

  • Destination: Jungle
  • Duration: Cuyabeno 3 days/ 2 nights
  • Price: 230

For every nature-lover and adventure-seeker, a trip to the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest is a must. In the northern Amazon region we find the largest and the deepest reserve of the Ecuadorian jungle: The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Here you will experience adventure directly with nature. In a tour of 3 days and 2 nights will experience a unique type of hiking and canoeing, while countless species of wildlife will cross your path.

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Day 1
Upon arrival at the Cuyabeno bridge,
Your guide will meet you and transport you by motorized canoe to our base camp, Cuyabeno River Lodge. After an initial rest, we will have a hike in the afternoon on the Ceibo trail, which will take us three to four hours. Our guide will explain everything there is to know about all the flora and fauna we can find in the Cuyabeno Reserve. After our hike, we will head back to the lodge and have lunch. And, if you’re still up to it, we can have a nocturnal canoe ride in the river surrounding the camp area. We will have dinner at approximately 7 pm, and we’ll go take a rest for the next day full of activities.
Day 2
After an early breakfast,
We will visit the various small lakes in the Cuyabeno river system, and we will have a short hike of about two hours where we might be lucky enough to see Peccary’s, a species of wild pigs. When we get back to our motorized canoe, we will have the opportunity to go fishing for Piranhas, where, if your lucky enough to catch one, you can go back home telling everyone you ate a piranha. We’ll make our way back to our lodge and eat lunch, where we’ll have sometime to rest. Later in the evening, we will have a nocturnal hike to go see Caimans, and we will return to our lodge to eat dinner and rest up for the next day..
Day 3
On day four,
After breakfast, we will explore one last trail, with new opportunities to see different vegetation and animals before eating lunch and taking the early evening direct bus (6:30 pm) to Quito.
Included: Not Included:
  • Complete Meals
  • Naturalist Bilingual Guide
  • Lodging in double cabins
  • Equipment For Hikes (Boots, Ponchos, etc.)
  • Fluvial Transportation
  • Purified water
  • Rain boot and ponchos.
  • Bus tickets($28)
  • Indigenous Community (Siona) Fee ($5)
  • Aditional beverages and drinks
Que llevar:
  • Pasaporte para extranjeros (copia no es aceptable) o tarjeta andina.
  • Ropa Ligera (Camisas largas y cortas pantalones largos y cortos), Terno de baño.
  • Zapatos de caminata confortables.
  • Linterna (recomendable linterna de frente).
  • Bloqueador solar y Gafas.
  • Repelente de Insectos (Recomendable 30-35% DEET.)
  • Camara, baterias extras.
  • Fundas herméticas para protección de cámaras.
Cuyabeno 3 days/ 2 nights Cuyabeno 3 days/ 2 nights Cuyabeno 3 days/ 2 nights Cuyabeno 3 days/ 2 nights